Write! We Can 2023


During the summer 2023, a group of students participated in Write! We Can 2023, a series of writing workshops organised by South China Morning Post (SCMP) and Project WeCan. This morning, certificates were presented to the enthusiastic students who have done satisfactorily in programme.


In the twelve-hour workshop over the four weeks, students had a chance to taste how different feature articles are planned, drafted and proofread in a leading publishing company, South China Morning Post (南華早報).


Thanks to Project WeCan, our students have had the pleasure to make good use of their summer to take part in a wide range of English enhancement programme for students at YY1, from English WeCan (co-organised with CUHK) to Write WeCan (with SCMP) in the past few years.


YY1 Students, if you think you can, You CAN!